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Force LANDESK Antivirus for Mac to Update its License File

Force LANDESK Antivirus for Mac to Update its License File

I recently had to install LANDESK AV directly from the Mac Client package on a machine, but unfortunately, the machine was not connected to the Core server’s network nor the Internet.  I’m not sure if that is a required step in order to pull down the license file or if it was just circumstantial, nonetheless, I couldn’t get the client to pull down the license even after I connected it to the Core’s network and to the Internet.

As I always do in these types of situations, I pulled up my browser and hit the LANDESK Community site.  I quickly found an article titled How to refresh the Mac AV license key on client machines and was quite hopeful the answer would be found therein.  I was in luck!  The prescribed solution written by Bryce worked like a champ.

Within minutes I had a custom script written in the Manage Scripts portion of the LANDESK Console, a task created and targeted with a successful result returned.  The Mac I was working with was able to update to the latest pattern files letting me get back to the problem at hand.

Now, while the script did indeed work as described in the how to community article, the ldkahuna command to download files is old and outdated within the modern LANDESK Mac agent.  It works, it hasn’t been completely deprecated, but there is a better way and that better way is to use sdclient.

Using sdclient instead of ldkahuna has a number of advantages.  First off, it has access to the bandwidth controls built into the agent.  It also has a -dest switch allowing you to not only download but to specify the location of where you want the files to be placed.  Furthermore, rumor has it, that in the next LANDESK Management Suite release, sdclient will become peer aware like the Windows agent.

Who wants to use the old stuff anyway, when you can use the new stuff?  If Steve Goodrich uses it when he needs to download stuff, I’ll use it as well.

The best part, the switch is quite straight forward.  Let’s look at how we would write it with ldkahuna and how it would be written with sdclient.

Old Code:

[code language=”bash”]
REMEXEC01=ldkahuna http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/ldlogon/avclient/install/key/ldav.key</pre>

New Code:

[code language=”bash”]
REMEXEC01=sdclient –noinstall –package http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/ldlogon/avclient/install/key/ldav.key</pre>

Pretty simple change, right?  I thought so.  Now just schedule out your Managed Script and target those stubborn Macs that won’t update their license file.  In short order, you’ll be back in business.

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