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How to Configure a LANDESK Core Server with a Mac NBI File

How to Configure a LANDESK Core Server with a Mac NBI File

In order to image a Mac device, you need to boot it into a pre-boot environment that is capable of making system level changes to the hard drive.  To make these types of changes, the primary operating system cannot be mounted and therefore an alternative boot environment is required for the device.

The alternative boot environment for OS X is called NetBoot.  While you can take a NetBoot Image file, put it on a USB stick and plug that stick directly into a Mac, such a method requires physical access to the device and is therefore not as desirable.

Alternatively, to forgo the need to have physical access to a device, you can create a service on the network that will listen for a Mac client to make a NetBoot request and then tell the client where to download the NetBoot Image file.

LANDESK has built this service into its PXE Representative technology that is also used for booting Windows devices into its equivalent pre-boot environment WinPE.

The steps below will walk you through configuring your core server with the information regarding the location of the NBI file so when the PXE representative service is established, it will be able to appropriately respond with the information the Mac will need to boot the NetBoot Image file.

Watch the how-to video:

  1. Logon to the device from which you created the LANDESK NBI file outlined previously.
  2. Connect to the server hosting your HTTP share.  For information on how to create an appropriate HTTP share, see https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6986
  3. Transfer the LANDESK NBI file to the HTTP share
  4. From the LANDESK Console, open Tools > Provisioning > OS Provisioning
  5. On the Operating System Provisioning toolbar, select the Preboot dropdown button and click on the Manage Netboot Image Mappings
  6. Supply the HTTP path to your Netboot image files and then click Browse to select your appropriate NBI.
    • Ensure your HTTP share has been properly enabled to support files with no extensions as outlined in the link in step 2.
  7. Configure any unique device models that will need an NBI file different from the default.  The list of device models will be automatically populated from the LANDESK inventory
  8. Click OK
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