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Creating a LANDESK Preferred Package Server

Creating a LANDESK Preferred Package Server


In order to deploy an image with LANDESK Management Suite, at least one preferred package server must be created.  The Provisioning process within LDMS uses the user account and password supplied for the preferred server to access the share and to write the image files to the shares specified in your capture and deploy templates.

Watch the how-to video:

Create Web Share for Preferred Package Server

Note: This must be done on a server running web sharing services (such as IIS)

  1. Create a folder on the target preferred server that will host your images
  2. For our example we will create the following directory structure:
  3. Open IIS Manager, expand the navigation tree, right-click on Default Web Site and select “Add virtual directory”
  4. Enter “Imaging” for the share alias, and navigate to the C:\Distribution\Imaging directory created in Step 1.
  5. After creating the directory, right-click Imaging in the navigation tree and select “Edit Permissions”Permissions should be configured as follows:

    Everyone: List Folder Contents, Read
    IUSR: Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read
    NETWORK SERVICE: Full Control
    Administrators: Full Control

  6. Enable directory browsing by selecting the ExampleShare folder in the navigation frame and then clicking the “Directory Browsing” icon and clicking “Enable” in the right-hand pane.

Create UNC Share Distribution

  1. Navigate to the C:\Distribution\Imaging directory and right-click on the Imaging share.
  2. Right-click and go to “Advanced Sharing”
  3. Click “Share this folder”.
  4. Click “Permissions” and give a domain account account Full Control access to the share.   This will be the account used when the provisioning process needs to access or write to the share.
  5. Ensure that the same account is also given Full Control on the Security tab.

Configure the Preferred Server in LANDesk Management Suite

  1. Within the LANDesk Management Suite Console click Configure  Preferred Server
  2. Right-click “Preferred Servers” and select “New Preferred Server”
  3. Enter Server Name and Credentials to the newly created Imaging share on the Preferred Server.  This needs to be the same account supplied in Step 4 in the UNC Share area.
  4. Enter the IP address ranges for the clients subnet(s) that this preferred server will serve.

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