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LANDESK Mac Management Part 8: Building a Gold Image using AutoDMG

LANDESK Mac Management Part 8: Building a Gold Image using AutoDMG

In part 8 of the LANDESK Mac Management video series, we’ll download a couple of freeware utilities to assist us in creating a gold image for Provisioning.  The first tool we’ll use is AutoDMG.  This is an image builder tool created by Per Olofsson and can be downloaded from https://github.com/MagerValp/AutoDMG/releases.  AutoDMG builds an actual image file directly from an OS X installer, precluding the need to build out an actual machine and capture the image from it.  There are a lot of benefits in going with this approach and is our recommended approach at LANDESK.

Furthemore, AutoDMG, as part of the build process, allows you to bundle in deployment packages as well.  While LANDESK recommends that you exclude bundling software packages directly into your image in most scenarios, there are a couple of configuration packages you may want to bundle in order to make the provisioning process more streamlined.  One of those packages might be the creation of an admin account and setting it to auto-login.  CreateUserPKG, again another utility written by Per Olofsson, is one I recommend.  The video walks you through creating an admin account and setting it to autologin.  See http://magervalp.github.io/CreateUserPkg/ for the utility download.

You may also want to track down other configuration packages to assist you as well, such as Rich Trouton’s recommendations on disabling Apple’s Diagnostics and Usage utility (https://derflounder.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/controlling-the-diagnostics-usage-report-settings-on-yosemite/)  or the iCloud confirmation window (https://derflounder.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/disabling-the-icloud-and-diagnostics-pop-up-windows-in-yosemite/).

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