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LANDESK Mac Management Part 10 : Provision a Non-Managed Machine

LANDESK Mac Management Part 10 : Provision a Non-Managed Machine

In the 10th and final part of the LANDESK Mac Management video series, I’ll show you how to add a “bare metal” record into the LANDESK console so that you can target your Provisioning Template created in the 9th video to a machine not currently being managed by LANDESK.  This is a good example of what you could do when you buy a new machine and want to deploy an image to it.

In my example template, I will deploy my latest El Capitan image built with AutoDMG, I’ll deploy TextWrangler, I’ll apply a configuration profile to adjust the Doc and to bind the machine to my domain, I’ll also name the machine and enable Core Storage.  All of this is done with my template, which specifies in which order they are applied.

Also, by way of note, the process to target a managed device inside of LANDESK is very similar to what is shown in this video, you simply need to drag the machine from your All Devices list as opposed to using the bare metal machine method.

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