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Do You Know What Mobile Devices are Connecting to Your Exchange server? Let Ivanti’s Management Suite Tell You.

Do You Know What Mobile Devices are Connecting to Your Exchange server? Let Ivanti’s Management Suite Tell You.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. Is BYOD helping your organization to be more productive?  Or, is it potentially increasing your risk?

Ultimately, each organization is going to respond differently to these questions.

In the verbiage of the great 80’s American television show, G.I. Joe, “knowing is half the battle,” today’s post will help you gain that additional insight into what devices are connecting to Exchange’s ActiveSync protocol.

And why is this important?

Well, the purpose is to ensure you know exactly what devices are connecting and accessing data from Exchange and to make that information available within your standard device management workflow. So doing will allow you to correlate the devices with your internal processes to discover if the devices are company approved or not, or company approved or not.

Then, once that information is known, you can enter into the other “half of the battle” and decide how to proceed. If BYOD is helping your organization, now you can make better decisions on enabling others for BYOD.

If BYOD is putting you at risk, now you can begin to quantify it and figure out what action needs to take place to secure your infrastructure.

Furthermore, and thankfully, Connecting Ivanti’s Management Suite to your Exchange server is a very simple process.

  1. Launch your Management Suite Console
  2. Go to Configure > Device Discovery and select Exchange Active Sync from the menu tree
  3. Select the version of your Exchange Server (2007, 2010 or Office 365)
  4. Provide the appropriate credentials
  5. Enter your server URL if using Exchange 2010 or Office 365
    • Note: If you’re unsure of your Office 365 URL you can open an iOS device that is connected to your Exchange server and view the URL in the Mail Account settings area. 
  6. Test the connection and make any changes if necessary
  7. Hit Apply
  8. Click the Discover Now
  9. Create a Schedule Discovery task and set it to repeat on a frequency basis

Once your server is connected, with the initial discovery process completed, you’ll find your newly discovered MDM devices inside the Mobile devices folder found within the Network View. If you add a couple of column attributes, such as Record Creation Date and Scan Type, you’ll be able to sort and filter your data as desired.  

Now, “knowing half the battle” go and prepare for the other half.

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