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High Sierra Provisioning – the Chicken and the Egg Conundrum

High Sierra Provisioning – the Chicken and the Egg Conundrum

Ivanti will shortly release SU1 for Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.3, providing provisioning support for macOS High Sierra.

However, it’s worth calling out, due to the new security EFI updates that come down during a normal High Sierra install, a Mac cannot be provisioned with macOS High Sierra unless macOS High Sierra has previously been installed on that device (installing the EFI updates); potentially putting you into that chicken is coming before the egg conundrum.

So, if you’re going to provision a new MacBook Pro or iMac that shipped with macOS High Sierra, you’ll be set once Ivanti 2017.3 SU1 releases. Provision away and proceed on with your normal workflow.

However, if you’re trying to update an older machine that is currently on macOS Sierra or any previous version of macOS, you’ll first need to upgrade that Mac (example script can be found in this previous blog), apply the EFI updates, and after having done that once, you’ll then be able to provision the device.

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