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Employee Choice Program: Follow the Likes of IBM, Capital One, SAP and Walmart.

Employee Choice Program: Follow the Likes of IBM, Capital One, SAP and Walmart.

When IBM announced in 2015 it would offer employees the opportunity to choose the type of hardware to use for their job, many people were surprised and watched to see how the experiment would work. A year into the employee choice program, IBM announced it was forecasting a $535 savings over 4 years compared to supporting a PC. And they’re doing this type of management with over 100,000 Macs. That’s a lot of potential savings – even when you don’t have 100,000 machines to manage.

And IBM is not the only one seeing the benefits of offering employee choice programs. SAP (13,000 Macs) and Capital One (12,000 Macs) also offer their employees the choice to choose Mac. And now even the world’s low cost leader Walmart intends to announce it’s own employee choice program with forecasts of deploying over 100,000 Macs. Mile Leacy, Walmart’s technical expert for Apple technologies, stated “Walmart’s motto is ‘Everyday Low Cost’ so we looked at TCO [total cost of ownership] for our technology. The cost of deploying and securing [Mac] at this point is a lot cheaper than supporting a Windows box — it just makes good business sense.”

Even Microsoft’s Brad Anderson showed up to JAMF’s National User Conference this year to talk about their partnership with JAMF in assisting organizations manage the multiple different types of devices. “Every organization is going to have a mix of devices and operating systems, we need to accommodate them with modern management principles. This ultimately increases your end users, decreases your costs.”

What does this mean for you? Well, it is probably time for you to implement your own employee choice program.

If you already own Ivanti Endpoint Manager, you even have the tools to manage Macs. You may just need the some guidance so that you can deliver on an employee choice program. That’s where Nine41 Consulting can help. We specialize in Apple device management with Ivanti’s Endpoint Manager and we are here to help you whether that be through training (the next class is November 13), consulting, or even managed services – we can offer a solution to you that will help you on your initiative to introduce an employee choice program. Don’t struggle or fight through it – get in touch with us today.

Your “every day low costs” are just around the corner.

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