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AppleTV Enrollment with DEP and Ivanti Endpoint Manager

AppleTV Enrollment with DEP and Ivanti Endpoint Manager

Have you decided to place AppleTV devices into your conference rooms for it’s AirPlay convenience or maybe to use it as kiosk machine displaying a company app? Whatever the reason you have, it’s worth noting that your AppleTVs can be managed by Ivanti Endpoint Manager and therefore be configured with the appropriate security controls, the desired network connectivity options, certificates, restrictions, proxies, and desired airplay and conference room settings.

And, when provisioned through DEP (see my previous blog post on how to add devices to DEP), the settings will apply as soon as the device is powered on and setup by an IT member (no, zero-touch provisioning is not quite available for tvOS). The steps below walk through the configuration process start to finish.

  1. Power on the AppleTV.
  2. Pair the remote.
  3. Select the language for the device.
  4. Select the desired country or region.
  5. Decide if Siri will be used on the device.
  6. Select to setup the Apple TV manually.

    • Note: The easier option of Set Up with Device is not available for remote management devices (DEP).
  7. Configure the Wi-Fi.
  8. Wait for the device to activate and register.
  9. Acknowledge the device will be remotely managed.
  10. Login and provide valid active directory credentials for device assignment.
  11. Wait for the AppleTV to enroll.
  12. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  13. Complete any optional steps not skipped from the DEP configuration panel within Ivanti’s Configure menu.
  14. Validate the device is being managed in the Settings app.

You should now see your AppleTV in your Ivanti Management Console’s All Devices list making it available to be targeted with your desired configuration profiles.

To learn more about creating configuration profiles, as well as things related to Ivanti and Apple device management, enroll now into our training class coming up January 24th. This is a 3 day class, attended remotely. All you need is a computer with Internet connection to access the remote environment as well as an iOS device for testing. For a class description, see here. To enroll in the class, proceed with this link.

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